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Check this page for information on Reading at Our Lady of the Rosary. You will also find some exciting news, pupil reviews and recommendations on the best books to read!


On Thursday 5th March we all celebrated World Book Day.  The children made a huge effort in dressing up and really getting into character. Each teacher shared one of their favourite stories from when they were younger to encourage the children to read them. As part of the day we also held our second Reading Buddies session where every child shared the book of the character that they dressed up as with their Buddy. We also very excitingly had parent visitors who read a story to classes.  Thank you to all the parents who volunteered and thank you to all who made World Book Day 2020 such a fun and successful day!

Mrs Lawrence


We didn’t just get teacher book recommendations!  Neo also recommended a book to us.  Here he is reading Anthony Browne’s Little Beauty.
Mrs Lawrence


We Are Writers

Thank you so much to all of you who entered in the We Are Writers front cover competition. It was a very hard decision for Mrs Edwards to make, but the winning entry was from Eva in 2ML.

Order forms for our We Are Writers book will be sent home shortly.

Mrs Lawrence

 We have a new addition to our corridor!

Vote for a book that you have read or have been recommended.

Once a month the OLOR Post Box will be emptied and a KS1 and KS2 book recommendation will be chosen at random. If your recommedation is chosen, the book will be purchased and have your name inside along with the date of recommendation for your friends and key stage to enjoy in the Library!

Have you placed your vote and recommendation?


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KM Busters Book Club


Congratulations to 2ML and 5EE for winning the Reading Trophies this week!


Congratulations to 1JT and the both Year 6 classes for winning the Reading Trophies this week!


Congratulations to RHC for winning the KS1 Reading Trophy this week.  
6CB who won the Reading Trophy in KS2!   

Keep up the fantastic reading!




Congratulations to REO and 1JT for winning the KS1 Reading Trophy this week.
5EE and 6CB who won the Reading Trophy in KS2! 

Keep up the fantastic reading!



Congratulations to REO for winning the KS1 reading trophy this week.
6CB who won the KS2 reading trophy.

Keep up the fantastic reading.


n our assembly today we discussed positive and negative words and actions and how our words and actions can be ‘flowers’ – beautiful, positive and encouraging, or ‘weeds’ – mean, unkind and negative. We shared the parable of The Sower and the Seeds as well as a poem that made us think about how we plant seeds in our minds.  We also shared The Smartest Giant in Town story.  Discussing how the Giant decided to use words and actions like flowers instead of weeds.

What words and actions can you share that are like flowers?

What books have you read about being kind and saying nice things to others?



In our assembly today we thought about the word ‘Wise’ and what it means. We learnt a little about about Aesop and spoke about his fables. We read The Hare and the Tortoise and thought about how the theme of wise was explored. We discussed who we would rather be and why.

Can you think of any stories that explores to themes of being wise and foolish?


 In Miss Cook's assembly this week she spoke about teamwork and the importance of it.  As part of the assembly she shared The Snail and the Whale and we saw the different ways in which teamwork is portrayed in the story.  

Have you read the this book?

Do you know a story that tells of teamwork?


In our KS1 Celebration Assembly today we read This is the Star.  This book had rhyming couplets in and told the story of the birth of the Jesus.  It fits perfectly with the KS1 childrens's nativity this week.  This book has beautiful pictures to help tell one of the most important stories that there is.

Have you read any other books that rhyme and are repetitive? 


In Our KS1 Celebration Assembly today we read The Stinky Sprouts in a Rather Smelly Christmas Tale. The book was getting us ready for Christmas, the lead up to Jesus’ birth, but also with another important message...that we should be kind and caring to one another. As the other fruits and vegetables weren’t being particularly kind to the not-so-pleasant smelling sprouts!

Which Christmas books do you have and are reading in the lead up to Christmas?


In Our KS1 Celebration Assembly today we read The Boy Who Cried Wolf. This tied in nicely to our assembly theme of honesty and truthfulness. We all took away the key message that it is important to make sure that we are always honest, even if we think it might be something that people don’t want to hear...people won’t believe a liar even if they’re telling the truth!

Can you think of any books based around the theme of honesty?


In Our KS1 Celebration Assembly today we read a book called Carrot Club. This book helped to mark Anti-Bullying Week.  It was about a club just for carrots, no other fruit or vegetables were allowed, and mean things were said about the others. Polly Parsnip disguised herself as a carrot and was allowed into the club.  All the other carrots thought Polly Parsnip was very funny and good at the all different games and activities. When they discovered she was in fact a parsnip they couldn’t believe it! She was just as funny, kind and good at the different things as they all were, their opinions of the other fruits and vegetables had been all wrong! In the end the carrots invited all the other fruits and vegetables into the club and everyone had a fantastic time.

The KS1 children really enjoyed this book and really thought about its message and how important it is to be kind to others.

Have you read any books with the same message?


In Our KS1 Celebration Assembly today we read...

If you haven’t read it before, borrow a copy – what do you think?

5 Word Analysis

Check the Reading Tab each week for the new challenge that KS2 children are being asked to complete! The challenge is to give a five word analysis of a book that has been read. Each week two children will be asked to choose a book that they have read and use five words in which to describe and summarise it.  Will their five word analysis promote the book enough to get others reading it? Can you take up the challenge?  It's harder than it sounds! Why don't you try to give a five word analysis of your reading book to a friend or adult at home? Check here each week under the 5 Word Analysis header...