Our Lady of the Rosary

Summary of Attainment 2017

Attainment at KS2 

% Reaching Expected Standard
Reading 79%
National 71%
Writing 88%
National 76%
EGPS* 74%
National 62%
Maths 71%
National 75%
Combined reading, writing (TA) and Maths 62%
National 61%
% Reaching Higher standard* 5.2%


Average Progress at KS2
Reading -1.2
Writing -1.4
Maths 11.5


Average Scaled Score
Reading 104.9
Maths 104.4

 *Higher Standard - to achieve the higher standard, a pupil must have a high scaled score in reading and a higher scaled score in mathematics;  and be teacher assessed in writing as 'working at a greater depth'.

*EGPS - English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling